The Work of Work Servitude, Slavery and Labor in Medieval England

The Work of Work: Servitude, Slavery and Labor in Medieval England - Allen J. Frantzen 1.The Work of Work - serfdom/labour in language, literature. Class theories.

2.Desire, Descendants and Dominance - rape and slavery, gender conflics, marriage as commodity, legitimacy. Post modernisms.

4. The Labour Structure of Aelfrics Colloquy - language, analysis of educational text (?) - occupations with lower marginal value of workers (farmers, shepherds, hunters vs. cook, merchant, craftsmen) justified due to inherent utility. "Total servitude is indeed useful to everyone but its preformers, so there is great incentive to preserve it." Natural structure supporting the labour of the monk - prayer. (Lots of untranslated Latin. I don't know Latin! (language of the occupation.)