The Abominable - Dan Simmons Er, Nazis bad, is the moral of this story? What an overripe mess of a novel, unfortunately.

All the components would seem to be there for a great read, like The Terror - disparate group trapped on Mt. Everest, chasing something and being chased by something, clashing personalities, period detail, great setting. None of it works. There's way, way too much detail about climbing and way too much setup (and I normally enjoy a good infodump.) By the time we get to actual tense, interesting, life-and-death scenes involving climbing there's already been so much of it Simmons can't find another thing to say and those end end up being rushed. The characterization is pretty weak - some stuff is raised in an ad-hoc way to give these people personalities, but it never really impacts the story. There's not a lot of tension with the main mystery and solution is so silly (and yet very brain-bleachy. Thanks, Dan Simmons) that it lets out whatever air the book had so far. Oh well. It's fairly readable, I guess, if only there was anything interesting in it. What happened, eh?