Blood of Tyrants - Naomi Novik I guess i'm the only person who didn't mind the amnesia plot? Given that the Temeraire books are not exactly a font of deep and introspective characterization, even a fairly cheap device like amnesia was fairly effective at wringing some out.

I don't know if this is a particularly unusual way to read the books - my impression is that i'm in a minority, anyway - but I've always cared a great deal more about Lawrence than I have about Temeraire. Temeraire is just kind of twee and cute and modern politically correct all the time. Lawrence actually has a fairly complex and difficult character arc buried under all the reticence and good manners (well, and a degree of authorial disinterest), from having his whole life upheaved, reassesing his sense of duty and doing it all while, at least in the early books, still being a product of his time. I'm beginning to lose track of all the war stuff and who is against who and the dragon emancipation business which feels like pandering to reader sensibilities. I could, however, spend a whole book reading Lawrence having awkward conversations with his mother and trying to decide who to promote to lieutenant.

Anyway, back to this book - that's why I liked the slower, lost-Lawrence stuff of the beginning. Afterwards when we're back to adventuring around and such, well, it isn't bad, but it all gets to be rather the same after a while.