The Steel Remains - Richard K. Morgan So that was...a book. I suppose. Just kind of a mess. Some interesting notions and concepts, but all tumbled together with no particular unifying tone. I didn't care about any of the characters - probably because the book wanted me so, so badly to care about them, and to care about them just so - and even less for the world/threat/big bad/coming war/something. (I don't really know what was going on. Due to not caring.) Also, Morgan - at least here - is extraordinarily bad at doing that basic thing which is a touchstone of the subgenre, the gradual reveal of both ancient and immediate world history along with the character's backstories. It's just a mess here. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I haven't the foggiest of who did what in what war and who that war was fought against and who's coming back where and so on and so forth. Given all that, the point where it finally picks up and stuff stars happening and dramatic reunions are had and mysteries are revealed and so on was just a lot of whatever.