Heart of Steel -  Meljean Brook Swash you buckles! Ok, This book is just absurd, adventure fun, but heres the thing, adventure fun is hard to do. The shelves are littered with books that picked up a bit of history, a bit of fantasy, a bit of a Zombie and a bit romance, stirred them all together and were sure they had arrive at glorious adventure, but actually fell oh-so-short. ("Throne of the Crescent Moon", I am looking at you.) This one actually makes it!

I'm not sure if the plot makes any sense because it went by too fast and the characters all talk like Bond Villains with tragic pasts and hearts of gold, all the time.(This is perfect. "I must have my vengeance", "he shall pay with his life","You are sure to fall in love with me, I have a very fine collection of waistcoats".) Like with Riveted (i'm reading this series backwards) theres a current there of something slightly more serious, on the characterization level, but where in Riveted it fits in to the story well and adds a lot of depth, here it's just kind of makes one go 'huh', every now and then. Whatever. It's just so perfectly pulpy - without toppling over into stupid or offensive - that I can forgive it rushing by maybe being a better book for the achievement of definitely being a fun one.