Some Kind Of Fairy Tale - Graham Joyce Pretty good, plays interesting games with the notion of genre, the act of immersion in fantasy and the purposes of it. Brushes up against the fourth wall, with one strand of the story analyzing and explaining another even as Ursula Le Guin and John Clute are being quoted.

There still manages to be a good, sad story at the heart of it, with well drawn, sympathetic characters at war with themselves. I'm not quite sure how to take the main character - admirable or bratty or both, all teenaged self importance or genuinely profound, and how to regard the muggle reality of everyone else brushing up against her. (I thought the ending was a touch too neat as well, all the unbelievers shamed and the faithful rewarded, but it's a quibble.)

The writing is very...blunt. It breaks a lot of those show-don't-tell rules sometimes, but the effect is to make the story very intense and vivid rather than distant, so it worked.