The Hydrogen Sonata (A Culture Novel) - Iain M. Banks Good fun but feels a bit hollow. A romp through the Culture, which is always great, but not quite adding up to anything in particular. I never really formed much interest in the main plot, and it kind of didn't go anywhere surprising either. The characters were better, but not nearly enough time was spent with them to give them any kind of coherent arc or conflict. They just kind of ran around and fell off things a lot or acted weird. Though, there were lots and lots of ships, which was nice, but on the other hand, I never quite know how to read them as characters or not - it's hard to spot personalities, there, as such.

Still a pleasant enough read, with lots of cool stuff and stuff blowing up and weirdness and things, and at least it doesn't have that self conscious, navel gazing, hyper self aware quality about it's politics with gender and religeon and whatever, unlike seemingly every other Space Opera i've read this year. Kind of a relief, that way. It just is, doing what it does.