Stray Souls - Kate Griffin Like all the other Kate Griffin books i've read, this one is a fast, entertaining, wonderfully imaginative extravaganza. And it's a bit disappointing. It's almost entirely, really, a sequence of action scenes. They're peppered with intense but tiny moments of characterization and story, glimpsed out of the corner of the narrative eye. I always wish - always expect, actually - that sooner or later the book must turn to them, that these are what it's all about! The problem is, what arrives instead is the end of the book. It gradually becomes doubtful that theres really any there there if we should look there, which makes me sad.

It's all done with such wit and charm and creativity that I can almost overlook it, but not quite, after five books in the series. This is almost a book about community, almost about the city, almost about growing up, almost about sacrifice, almost about loneliness. In other words, it's almost a book about people. Unfortunately, it's mostly a book about things blowing up.