God's War  - Kameron Hurley When men go of to war, women are supposed weep and worry. Not here. A book not about the war, but about those left behind, those who come back, people and cultures gutted and reduced. Whats startling is the choice not to make this mournful or sentimental - the story of waiting women - but instead the world behind the front is almost uncompromisingly vile, a bitter, post apocalyptic wreck, the war it's symptom as much as it's cause.

I enjoyed the world building a lot as well - only broadly sketched out in terms of history or geography, but fantastically evoked, cancerous, filthy, fetid and dessicated at the same time. The characterization is excellent too, though a few of the minor characters could have stood to get more attention, (but that probably only reflects that I wanted to know more about them.) The main downside was the plot, which was a bit over-tangled but somewhat underwhelming. Relatively minor quibble though, highly recommended to everyone anyway.