Gardens of the Sun - Paul McAuley Enjoyed this one as much as the first one. Often, even more than in the Quiet War, it's more of a fictional narrative history of human settlement of the solar system with the occasional dramatization, rather than a novel with the occasional sweeping overview bit. It's even a shame, since theres a still some great characters and even potentially affecting arcs about, but almost everything - including tense conversations and battles - gets told rather than shown, so that rather undercuts it. When some actual dramatic plot development does happen, it's almost hard to notice.

On the other hand - I really didn't mind. It's odd, since usually I read for character and theme and that sort of thing, but in this instance I was a perfectly happy camper reading infodumps about the chemical composition of the atmosphere of Titan or the architecture of space habitats. I think it's because I secretly still want to grow up to live in a space habitat.